About Us

"And if I asked you to name all the things you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?"


The idea to create scented candles was sparked back in 2019, after an experience that forced me to pause, turn inwards and take care of myself. I had an overwhelming urge to smell something beautiful and wanted all these different scents to surround me. The more complex, the more incredible, the more free and alive I felt.

So I set out to create the types of scents I yearned for and the feeling associated with each scent started to flow. In hopes to share them with you; it was important to me then, as it is now, to create products that make you feel something. Hopefully something honest and intimate to you.

Our products are designed with self-love at the core. The intention is to make, you, our beloved customers, think about yourselves and your well-being each time you use our products. Taking care of and pampering yourself should come as a natural part of your everyday. Checking in with oneself at the end of a long day should become routine. The more self-love you feel, the more it will extend to others; family, friends, and more. Give yourself permission to buy yourself beautiful gifts from our range, as you do to those special to you.

The name "enlighten" embodies what we aim to provide to our customers; a sense of peace, inner well-being, calm, ease and flow.

Our scented candles are designed to smell gorgeous and look beautiful, whilst imparting a sense of coziness, wellness, relaxation and utter peace. Our product range has expanded into all things bath and body and continues to broaden the concept of simple and affordable wellness.

Products that turn your home and bath into a true sanctuary.


With much love and gratitude, from me to you...